Membership and Dues

Why become a member of the Alumni Band? To help keep in touch with fellow Alumni, stay current on the news and events, and to keep our organization active and able to provide scholarship and support to the WSU Bands!

How active you are is up to you. If you have time to perform, we have events for you. If you have time to help review scholarship applications or help with other needs, like Alumni Outreach, we have opportunities. If you are too tied up but can help financially with dues or additional donations to the band or our scholarship funds, it is all needed to keep us successful.

Dues are essential to cover our organization's costs: website & email communications, band uniform inventory, food, instrument purchase and maintenance and music.

Alumni Band membership is active until the next annual meeting, scheduled annually at Homecoming in Pullman.

The current dues rate is $20/person or $30/family and can be paid at any Alumni Band event, or you may pay online on our Home Page!

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